Ford F-150 Raptor New Footage Confuses Fans

The Ford F-150 Raptor has not been spotted for the longest time now but it was spotted once more with a new structural bracing, coil-sprung rear suspension.

What many people believe is that this test mule could actually be an SUV mule which has lead people to question what kind of test mule it is for. The easiest answer would be that it is a Bronco model but then again, the wheels do not really match that as well.

Right now, we do know that the Ford Bronco will be coming in as two distinct Bronco but some people think that this could suggest that there might be a third but we do not know if Ford is really going to go that far with the Bronco.

With so many questions, let’s hope that Ford will have more details to offer us soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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