Hyundai Showing Off How Clean Nexo Is By Having Runner Breath It In

While most people are focusing on the next big EV models, Hyundai seems to determine to also make hydrogen fuel cell engine a thing. The Hyundai Nexo has been dubbed the zero-emission vehicle and Hyundai is now proving how clean it is in their latest ad.

Technically, it is not really a zero-emission vehicle since it still emits water and oxygen. Of course, while that does not sound bad, people are still having a hard time trying to get used to the idea that it does not emit any harmful gasses. To show the people how clean it is, Hyundai put an Olympic athlete in a bubble with a treadmill and have it all connected to the Nexo exhaust.

The purpose of the ad is to show how clean the Nexo is and how it does not emit any harmful gas. The video itself is pretty interesting but whether it will be enough to convince the doubters, well, we will have to wait and see.

You can check out the video yourself below.

Author: Staff Reporter

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