Hyundai Wants To Keep The Stick Alive

While some automakers are looking to phase out their manual transmission option, Hyundai is still looking for ways to keep it alive and from the looks of it, their N-Badge models will be tasked to be doing that.

According to Hyundai, they want to continue to offer manual transmission to the purist even though they also acknowledge that people have also been demanding automatic transmission on their hot hatch which would explain the eight-speed automatic transmissions that they are offering on their Veloster N.

We can expect them to offer more N-Badge models to come our way with the next model possibly being the i20 model, a hatch that is not sold in the US. The i20 N model will be coming in to compete with models like the Ford Fiesta ST and that will come with a six-speed manual transmission.

Those living in the US can look forward to the Kona N.

Author: Staff Reporter

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