Lister Stealth SUV Growling In The Dark

Lister gave us a sneak peek on their Lister Stealth SUV model and here is what we know about the vehicle right now.

While the teaser video did show off the front of the Lister Stealth, most of the other details were still hidden in the shadow. For now, we got a good look at the huge grille in front as well as the headlights but that is all.

Lister also did not elaborate on the changes they made to the engine under the hood but they did allow us to hear the upcoming LIster Stealth SUV in the future which sounded amazing!

Some fans are hoping that the new Lister would be able to go from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds which would beat a lot of its competitors out there but we will have to wait and see. The price of the SUV would also be a major factor here.

According to Lawrence Whittaker, the CEO of the company, they are currently waiting for the lockdown in the UK to end so that they can get the production started. Check out the teaser image below.

Author: Staff Reporter

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