Mazda New Engine & Transmission Patent Filed

It is no secret that Mazda is working on a new inline-six engine and now it looks like we are learning more about it as the new patent for the engine was spotted.

Thanks to T’s Media, we got to see the new inline engine that might take their SKyActiv engine to the next level as the patent showed an exhaust that could be scalable or even modular. This is the Mazda way of trying to make the engine smaller.

Besides a patent for the Mazda engine exhaust, there was also another patent for the transmission, an eight speed transmission which is nice since Mazda has been offering six speeds for the longest time but the files itself does not show that it will have anything too different from the eight speeds out there.

As for when we will be seeing the new engine from Mazda, the automaker have not said anything yet so we will have to wait and see.

Author: Staff Reporter

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