Next-Gen Jaguar XJ Will Stick To Traditional Design Despite EV Powertrain

It is pretty common to see a vehicle opt for a more futuristic design once it is fitted with an electric motor but for Jaguar, they are choosing to keep their Jaguar XJ design traditional.

The next-gen model will be saying goodbye to the gasoline-powered six and eight-cylinder engine for an electric powertrain but people will still recognize it as the XJ as Jaguar explained it will feature a design that is even more traditional than an I-Pace model.

Despite getting a huge lithium-ion battery pack, the vehicle will still come with the long front and short back design but instead of a hatch, it will be getting a trunk lid.

Jaguar explained that the vehicle will be very luxurious but not flashy. The next-gen model is set to make its debut before 2020 but it is still a little too early to announced when we will be seeing it.

Author: Staff Reporter

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