Porsche Macan Running Around With New Platform?

The Porsche Macan was given an update not too long ago but it looks like Porsche might not be done with it yet as new Macan pictures showed it getting more as people continue to speculate that Porsche is working on a next-gen Porsche Macan model.

The current Porsche rids on a modified version of the original Audi Q5 platform but it looks like Porsche could be looking to move into the newer MLB platform that the 2018 Q5 was fitted with.

The spy imaged showed the Macan getting tested out in the open but because the current production model was used to do the testing, most of the details remain a secret.

Porsche previously announced that they were looking to turn the Macan into an all-electric model but it was later added that there will still be gas-powered versions that will be sold alongside the EV models until 2024.

For now, there is not a whole lot of details on what Porsche is working on but hopefully, we will be learning more soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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