Rivian Truck Will Not Cost As Much As We Think

When the Rivian truck was first announced, Rivian also hinted the prices that the vehicle will be offered at but they have now updated their fans with the latest price news.

According to R.J. Scaringe, the founder, and chief executive of Rivain, the mid-range R1T pickup truck will now come with a starting price of $69,000. This model will come with a glass sky panel that will change from blue to clear and will travel about 300miles.

The R1S SUV, on the other hand, will be coming in with a $72,000 price tag. There is also the larger battery option which will travel for 400miles and the smaller option which would have about 230 miles to offer.

The Rivain R1T truck is expected to start its deliveries at the end of this year while the SUVs delivery will start soon after although Rivian does not have a release window to announce yet.

Author: Staff Reporter

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