Toyota Supra To Come With M3 Engine?

The Toyota Supra’s return has been nothing short of amazing but all things must come to an end and for the Supra, it will be in 2025 but before that happens, Toyota is still a lot more planned for the Supra.

According to Motor1, Toyota might be toying with the idea of fitting the Supra with a much more potent engine by 2023. It was added that the vehicle would get the 3.0 liter twin-turbo S58 engine from BMW M.

It was also reported that there will only be 200 units of these made. As nice as it sounds, we all remember that Markus Flasch, M division boss confident response that such a thing happening would be very slim that BMW would want to experiment with their own new creation first before offering it to others but then again, some people are arguing that 2023 would give BMW enough time to do as they please with the powertrain and start offering it up to Toyota.

At this point, nothing has been confirmed yet but it is interesting to see how many people are interested in such a model.

Author: Staff Reporter

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