Volkswagen Amarok Truck New Sketch Released

Volkswagen and Ford will be working together on the next-gen Volkswagen Amarok which is set to arrive soon. To get us excited about what is to come, Volkswagen has just released the new sketch for the Volkswagen Amarok.

Based on what the sketch is showing right now, the new Amarok design would be similar to what Volkswagen has been offering right now like the thin headlights, wide grille, and tall hood design.

When the Amarok arrive, we can expect to see it come with a few variants like the work-oriented options and the leisure models. Volkswagen did announce that they are looking to offer 34 new or updated models this year and the Volkswagen Amarok will be one of the 34 models.

Hopefully, we will get more than just a sketch of the pickup truck soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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