Volkswagen Tiguan R Ready For Europe

Although we will not be seeing the Volkswagen Tiguan R here it will be heading to Europe and here is what the European market will be getting.

The Europe-spec Volkswagen Tiguan R will be coming in with a 325hp engine that will be offered with an AWD with electric wheel torque control. The R-Performance Torque Vectoring is said to be capable of distributing power variably to the front and back of the vehicle.

Compared to the 184hp, there is certainly a lot more power on the Tiguan R model. As for whether it will be heading to the US or not, according to Hein Schafer, the Volkswagen Senior VP Product Marketing and Strategy, there is currently not plant to offer the vehicle in the US yet and while there are talks and discussion about it, nothing can be confirmed at this point.

Since it is not a clear no, there is still some hope that it will be coming in.

Author: Staff Reporter

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