Persona 5 Royal New Mode Will Come With Its Own Card Game

We can expect to see a lot of new features come with Persona 5 Rotal including new characters, social scenarios. expanded narrative, a new dungeon and more but one mode that has got the fans excited in the new Thieves Den model.

The mode is more like a museum where we get to see all the unlockables like the cutscenes, artwork, music track and more. These special rewards in the den will have to be unlocked using P Coins which players can earn while playing the game.

Thieves Den also comes with a new card game called Tycoon that can also earn players some P Coins. This is a four-player poker game where you will play against three Phantom Thieves. The winner will get some P Coins.

What do you think of the new Persona 5 Royal?

Author: Staff Reporter

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