Pokemon Go: Virizion Leaving Soon

If you have not captured the latest Legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game app, you have only days to make it happen as a new Legendary will be coming in to replace it soon.

Virizion is one of the three Pokemons from Swords of Justice and he will continue to appear in Raid Battles until the 7th of January. Being a Grass/Fighting-type Pokemon, Virizion is especially vulnerable to Pokemons like Zapdos and Lugia. Choosing Pokemon that belongs to the Fire, Ice, Poison, Psychic or Fairy type will also give you a bigger advantage during battle.

Virizion will be in the game until the 7th of January. After that, the Legendary Pokemon Heatran will be returning to the game until the 4th of February. While it was in the game before, its return will also give fans a chance to capture a Shiny version of the Pokemon.

The Hackathon event is also ongoing right now so make sure to start walking and get those egg hatched.

Author: Staff Reporter

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