Resident Evil 7: Surprise Boss Fight Can Guarantee Horror

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The problem with the Resident Evil Series is that Capcom has ditched the horror foundation of the game for a fast-paced action gameplay. The shift occurred back in Resident Evil 4 and this went on until Resident Evil 6.

For the fans, most of them are upset by this change as they prefer Resident Evil to stick to its horror roots. The fans don’t hate the new features that were introduced in the last Resident Evil Trilogy. It is just with the lack of terror in the game.

Capcom has finally realized this and has hence promise to bring back horror for Resident Evil 7. While Capcom has yet to lay out the details on the upcoming sequel, we do hope the game developer come up with something extra creative to inject some scare into the title.

For us, the best assurance would be bringing back William Birkins and Nemesis. Both villains are the scariest in the entire Resident Evil series and having them in Resident Evil 7 will guarantee horror. Of course, this is just our wish for Resident Evil 7. What’s yours?


  1. SavageOne81

    January 28, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    I liked the mechanics of the last 3 games RE4 thru 6 but agree that the lack of terror was disappointing. If they can find a balance between those to it be great. They could take a page from the PT silent hills demo and incorporate that into the game. I think that’s the level of horror ppl want . I liked the option to play as different characters as in 6 especially Ada so I hope they keep that but they need to bring the horror back. Keep the run and gun stuff for the movies

  2. Vento

    January 29, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Do you guys keep making these posts hoping that some high-ranking Capcom/RE7 staff member will see it and get a frenzied urge to add a surprise boss fight with Nemesis or William Birkin to the game? Come on!
    In my case I’ve always found the RE storyline interesting but never wanted to play it because the games were too scary and boringly slow-paced (the door opening sequence when going to another room for example). But when I discovered RE6 it seemed more fun, gave it a shot and really liked it. I think it has the perfect balance between horror and action shooter, though it may not be pure survival, it has a constant tense atmosphere, besides the way the different campaigns intersect it’s very well done and it makes you feel that everything is connected. Each campaign is oriented to something different the producers said: Leon’s is horror, Chris’ is action, Jake’s is escape pursuit and Ada’s is infiltration. The meele-fight system and the variety of enemies encountered count too.
    So, understand that you may want to go back to the survival-horror roots but there are those of us who prefer to enjoy a good story while having fun.